Super Pretzel

Turning The Tide in Port Crescent - Game 2

Game 2

The Tepid Caves
After journeying south from Port Crescent along the Old Port Road, past Goatman’s Stead, the heroes of Super Pretzel arrived at the Tepid Caves. Stepping onto the loose beach gravel sent a sting of pain—and maybe a bit of regret—through Baldwin’s body, remembering how he was knocked utterly unconscious by a poisonous dart from an unseen assailant just a day prior. Baldwin then told the other heroes that, when they enter, they need to do so in silence and in stealth.

Once inside, Theren immediately spotted a reptilian flunky, which turned out to be a blowdart-wielding Poisonscale Needler. When the Poisonscale Needler felt threatened after seeing four unusual heroes, it ran down a narrow passageway, out of sight. The heroes then followed that path and dispatched two Poisonscale Needlers and a Greenscale Trapper. The Trapper seemed to be standing guard at a large, fortified pair of doors. Telesphorus and Theren transported into the enclosure, where they found four passive Sporeback Frogs. The door was left open and the heroes traveled back into the cave.

The heroes made their way to a large, tall room in the cave system, where another walled enclosure was built into the cave’s wall—but this enclosure seemed even more reinforced and secured with locks. In the main room of the cave was a Poisonscale Brawler, two Poisonscale Needlers, and a Greenscale Bog Mystic. The Bog Mystic was able to retreat to a deeper tunnel, but the other reptilians were cured of their vile lives by a series of slashes and flashes from Team Super Pretzel.

It was then that the heroes cautiously opened the secured pen and found a weepy, scared adolescent ogre named Torgo (or, Tor, for short). Torgo explained that he had been captured from the company of his mother months ago, but he didn’t know how far away that occurred. He relayed to the heroes how he had nightmares that seemed so real of him walking through the countryside at night and being forced to take things, including a large, glass-like rock. The heroes immediately knew that Torgo was being forced, through some sort of mind control, to steal, and that he was most likely forced to steal Neris’ large object. They promised Torgo that they would empty the cave of the evil within and free him from his bonds. Theren made a fish-head soup out of the nearby cave supplies and asked Torgo to stay put within his secure cell until they were able to return.

Theren then attempted to scout ahead in the deeper tunnel where the Bog Mystic retreated. He and the others walked down a cave until they were suddenly caught in a rush of water coming from in front of them. Luckily, everyone fared well in securing against the torrent of oncoming water.

Further along, the characters encountered the same Greenscale Bog Mystic, two Thri-Kreen Ambushers, and a Poisonscale Brawler. After a brutal fight, the heroes noticed a Blue Arcanian walking near a large pool of water. When the Arcanian’s staff was touched to the water, bubbling began to rise up from the pool. The Blue Arcanian then walked over to a large, crystal-like object that was on a plank sitting over the center of the pool. Touching his totem-tipped staff to the stone seemed to magnify his arcane attacks.



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