Tall and lean, people often do not know Theren is present unless he makes it clear.


Theren was born in the woods outside of Saltrock. His mother was a wood elf and his father was a ranger in charge on maintaining the Saltrock deer herds. His father was killed by poachers when Theren was a teenager and Theren took his place.

Theren spent his formative years gliding in and out of the tree shadows and maintaining watch over his town’s herds while learning the natural arts from his mother and her family of wood elves. He learned quickly that a silent foot and quiet voice was infinitely more valuable than a braggart with a battle axe. He also learned the art of trapping man and game in order to protect the herds and feed himself easily.

Upon his “Spring Day” Theren chose to leave the Saltrock woods and venture into the world. He has spent the last decade honing his stealth and bow skills as well as picking up odd espionage jobs that required light feet and tight lips.

Through his travels, Theren has become a master with bow weapons and close-quarters daggers, shivs and dirks. However, he prefers to stay out of a fight completely by using his stealth abilities.


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