Super Pretzel

GAME DAY 12-7-2013

Clearing Malorath's Forces and Embarking To A Village With No Men

Theren, Ashlynne, Baldwin, and Telesphorus continued moving through the dungeon guarded by the forces of a necromancer named Malareth. Team Super Pretzel had previously encountered and rescued a 13’ black warhorse that was bridled with the marking of Malareth. Telesphorus became the de facto protector of Blackie from calming and soothing him as the team added him to their group as a steed.

While traversing the inner rooms of the dungeon, our heroes met a young, white dragon named Faralax. Baldwin‘s heritage as a Dragonborn and his skills in diplomacy allowed our heroes to talk the dragon into agreeing to let them pass without incident. Two promises had to be upheld: they must not loot Faralax’s dungeon and they must clear the forces of Malareth. Our heroes agreed and Faralax disappeared through a large portal on the ground.

After passing through more inner rooms of the dungeon, our heroes encountered three small rooms with fire altars. Ashlynne used her fire spells to disperse the rooms of goblins.

Our heroes entered a room with a statue of Bahamut, a desecrated altar covered in blood, one doppelganger, and three devout followers of Malareth. Telesphorus became enraged that such evil surrounded the statue of Bahamut; he held his holy implement and began praying which caused the Eyes of Bahamut to begin glowing wildly. Ashlynne intimidated the doppelganger amount its impending ruination if it did not turn sides. The doppelganger assisted our heroes to attack the three devout followers for a cut of the loot from the bodies. Once the devout followers were defeated, the mercenary doppelganger gathered its portion and fled. Telesphorus cleaned the desecrated altar, provided 10gp of blessings to the statue of Bahamut, and would not allow his companions to take the Eyes of Bahamut from the statue.

Finally, our heroes came into a room with a necromancer, four goblins, and a hulking zombie. The goblins were taken care of with little effort. In an unbelievable feat, Ashlynne landed a critical hit upon the hulking zombie early in the battle, causing it to disintegrate and disappear. Unable to raise the destroyed behemoth, this infuriated the necromancer. Miraculously, another hulking zombie burst through a connecting room. Just as miraculously, Ashlynne landed yet another critical hit on the second hulking zombie. After this, our heroes made short work in destroying the necromancer, fulfilling the spoken contract with Faralax.

Our heroes exited the dungeon and came to the port town of Falcrest. They visited the standard merchants and made simple sales. They visited the ships at the port and sold water to the seaman. Baldwin used his down to manufacture 4 sleeping bags which provide excellent warmth in the harshest of conditions.

In the center of town, our heroes were approached by an addled young woman named Kreayus. She hysterically yelled about all the men in her village (Priam’s Village) disappearing and all the children of her village becoming violent. An old man and an old woman came out to silence Kreayus and move her back into a hut. Telesphorus felt that justice was being subdued so he rode Blackie over to the old man and demanded answers. The old man told them the location of the village and the location of a forest where the men were last known to have traveled; no other details could be given.

Our heroes departed, but separated. Ashlynne traveled alone to Priam’s village because she was the only woman and perhaps she would be immune to any potential effects in the village. The other three traveled through tundra to reach the forest, southeast of the village.

The story continues…



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